Chamber Orchestra

Photo from 2018-2019

Photo from 2018-2019

Course Instructor: Michael Samson

Grades: 9-12
Prerequisites: String Experience
Class Contributions: $120.00 Checks payable to CHS Instrumental Music

Course Description

This course is for the musician just continuing in our program and the musician who has 4-8 years of musical experience and is continuing with a second instrument. Being a member of the Chamber Orchestra extends and continues to build a student’s basic abilities in all areas pertaining to music and its discipline. Participation in evening rehearsals and evening/weekend performances is required. Formal attire is required.

Course Objectives
Through successful participation in this course, students will:
• Develop proper rehearsal technique.
• Demonstrate a high level of performance quality.
• Develop a feeling of unity.
• Acquire consistent practice habits.
• Develop personal responsibility.
• Build a basic understanding of: classical string orchestra music, and popular string orchestra compositions, music history and music theory.

Class Procedures and Policies

Regular attendance is compulsory to a participation class. Much of the learning takes place through active participation during rehearsals. A student cannot make- up a missed rehearsal. Students missing rehearsal will be required to perform for the director at the next rehearsal.

Tardiness is simply a disruption of the learning process and 3 in a quarter will result in the lowering of one letter grade. Cuts are not acceptable. The first will result in the lowering of the student’s grade; the second will result in detention with the third resulting in dismissal from the class. Students will be barred from the performance following a cut in any class.

Class Participation
Students are expected to fully participate in each rehearsal. They are expected to alert, open-minded, enthusiastic, and actively participate in classroom activities. Passive or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in loss of credit, referral or dismissal. A Parent/Student/Teacher conference will precede any such action.

Class Related Participation
Due to the nature of the course, there are a number of required events that take place outside of the school day. These performances are directly related to and are a part of the curriculum. Students are required to be at performances. A performing group relies on all of its members. Policy is that students can be legally excused from an event only if the teacher is notified a minimum of two weeks before the event. Work, homework or social activities are not considered appropriate reasons to be absent from an event. Notification must be in writing and signed by the parent. Properly excused students from an event will be expected to perform a make-up assignment, usually in the form of an after-school activity. Failure to properly notify the teacher of an absence will negatively affect the student’s grade.

Grading Policy
Grading will include the following:
• Attendance (performances, class attendance): 50%
• Class Participation: 25%
• Playing and written Exams: 25%