Charms Office Assistant

Charms is an all-encompassing management system to help music programs organize student contact information, manage inventory, assign uniforms, track attendance, and work with trips, donations, fundraisers, form collection, and much, much more.


To access your individual Charms account please follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to and hover over Login in the top right corner to pull up the login menu. Click on Parents/Students/Members.

Charms login.png

Step 2

Enter our school code to access the California HS Charms page. Our school code is: CaliforniaHSMusic

Charms school code.png

Step 3

In the next window, there are links for the calendar as well as some other public features, including a link at the top for volunteer signups of upcoming events. You can also login to your personal account here by entering your school issued Student ID number into the Student Area Password box and clicking Enter. If this number doesn’t work for you, please let us know. We can be reached by email:

Charms public area.png

Step 4

You've now entered your personal Charms page. Here you can access a number of different areas of information. On this page you can:
• View our complete calendar as well as an event list
• Download forms and view which forms have been turned in
• Volunteer
• Email the directors
• View your absences for events outside of school
• See what you have checked out to you
• And much more!

Charms student area.png

Step 5

Once you have logged into your personal account Charms will prompt you to create a new password. Make sure to pick something that can be shared with the student and parent, as you can only have one password for your shared account at a time. If you ever forget your password or cannot login for some reason, you can email and we will be happy to reset your password to your student ID number.

Charms password.png