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@ Californa HS Campus

MONDAY: 10 AM - 4 PM (sign-in at 9:30 AM in front of Music Building)


SATURDAY: 9 AM - 8 PM (Parent Meeting @ 5 PM, Performance @ 6 PM, BBQ @ 7 PM)


(see below for daily breakdown)

The Cal High Marching Band & Color Guard program has a strong tradition of excellence tracing back decades. At Band Camp, you'll become part of that tradition! Spend a week bonding with your fellow bandmates in sections, working on technique and learning fun music.  By the end of camp, you'll feel right at home with the Cal High Band!

We will be monitoring camp activities to ensure students are getting plenty of water breaks and time in the shade. The majority of camp will be outdoors, so it is very important that all students bring the proper items to have a successful and safe experience.

            Download Camp Flyer and Share with Band friends!



  • Be on time and prepared. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled rehearsal time.

  • Be respectful of the equipment and the space you use. If you borrow an instrument from the school, treat it as you would your personal instrument. Help clean up all spaces at the end of rehearsal blocks.

  • There will be time for fun and games, and time for focus and hard work.  Be respectful toward your instructional staff.

  • Have fun and be willing to meet new people! The people you meet at band camp may end up becoming your best friends!

  • Hat and sunglasses

  • Backpack

  • Face Mask (winds will be given PPE musician mask/bell cover but should still have their own normal mask that completely covers nose and mouth)

  • Sunscreen

  • Water (must be at least 32 oz; half-gallon recommended)

  • Wind players: Instrument in working condition, including mouthpiece/extra reeds.

  • A mechanical pencil and 3-ring binder with sheet protectors (instrumentalists only, not guard)

Color Guard: Please wear clothing you can stretch in. Your hair must be pulled back away from your face. No obtrusive jewelry.

All members: Please keep in mind that you will be moving all day. Dress in comfortable athletic clothing and running shoes. No jeans. No sandals/flip flops. 


We will be following the current state and district guidelines to ensure all members are safe and comfortable during our Camp. Any changes to district guidelines will be communicated to all families via email.


General Guidelines:
All students must have a mask every day of Band Camp that completely covers nose and mouth. Regardless of one’s vaccination status, masking is required for all students in all indoor settings. Masking is not required in outdoor settings on campus. Students may continue to mask while outdoors if they so choose.


Performer Guidelines:

During outdoor rehearsals and activities, students may choose to wear masks. During afternoon blocks, each section will have rehearsal time in air-conditioned space. They will be required to wear masks at this time. Students will be inside the Theater on Tuesday and Friday evenings for Movie and Skit Night. Students will be required to wear masks during this time.


All brass and woodwind members will be given special PPE during Band Camp check-in, including a bell cover and a Musician’s mask. All wind players will be required to use this during any indoor rehearsals this year.


We want every student to feel safe, secure, and included. Students may choose to sit out any camp activity that they are uncomfortable participating in. Moreover, students who choose to mask outside are encouraged to do so.


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