2021-2022 Winter Percussion Recruitment Flyer.jpg

What is Winter Percussion?

Winter Percussion is a competitive indoor music and movement activity. A combination of music, dance and theatrics, it can be described as a “sport of the arts”. Percussion members spend winter months putting together a competitive artistic performance utilizing props, costumes, a variety of musical genres and movement. The final product is an energetic, highly choreographed musical spectacle. Students compete against other schools during winter months and are judged on visual and musical elements. Our Cal High Winter Percussion competes in the NCPA and NCBA circuits in shows around the Bay Area. 

Do you need to be a percussionist to join? 

No you don’t, but having some musical experience is recommended. Winter Percussion is made up of students who love music and are committed to working hard and contributing positively to a competitive team. This is a place where you will make life long friends and have an incredibly rewarding experience!